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About Us

KKV means Kasthuriba Khadi Vasthralayam.  The brand name captures the aesthetics of tradition & contemporary Indian art.The raw materials may be cotton, silk or wool which are spun into threads on a traditional spinning wheel called chakhra. It is a versatile fabric, cool in summer and warm in winter . In india, Khadi / Khadar is not just a cloth, it is a whole movement started by Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The Kadhi / Khadar movement aimed to boycotting foreign goods and
promoting Indian goods, thereby improving india's economy.

In India, the Freedom struggle revolved around the use of khadi fabrics and the dumping of foreign-made clothes. Even, the father of nation Mr . Mahatma Gandhiji was wearing only a khadi dhoti. The flag of Indian congress has this khadi chakhra on it and the flag of india is allowed  to be made from Khadi material.

As a token of gratitude to our indian independence movement, KKV is re-launched as a symbol of traditional indian khadi fabrics, as it was the first family business from the “Groups of The Chennai Silks”.

​The logo features traditional old chakra in a trendy and simple form. The colours of logo are strictly maintained with our national      flag colours. The Saffron typeface is unique and specially created typeface for the brand and the green strokes of trendy chakra is    formed by the specially created “V” for KKV.  Kasthuriba Khadi Vasthralayam (KKV) was started in 1962.

The colours of typeface and trendy chakra clearly encompasses the limitless flow of free to wear material and also symbolize the emerge of 53 years old brand in new style, tender, youth and trendy.

The brand logo with clear uppercase trendy typeface with stylized dynamic strokes of chakra on the right hand side of it.

The ratio of the emblem to the name is 2:1 and the ratio is to be maintained across all deliverables and communication; should not be altered under any circumstance.

The emblem can be used separately as an indicator of brand name at circumstances subject to communications. The text ‘KKV’ has to be maintained in uppercase all
over across our communications.

The Brand is dedicated to the spirit of Indian – BE INDIAN ; BUY INDIAN. Brand logo brings together a forward thinking which is ideal for all categories including young and old.

The brand captures the attitudes of self-discipline, clean, pure, young-at-heart, dynamic, etc. for young individuals. The spirit of Indian is to achieve more and more success which is cultivated / crafted perfectly towards it.